Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cleaning Product

Very few products are impressive to me.  Anytime I see one of those infomercials about a product, they seemed like they would work well.  Many times I have been left disappointed.  Usually the best way to find out if a product is any good is either through a live demonstration, or word of mouth.  Live demonstrations seem like to be a thing of the past.  I remember an inventor friend of mine who said he was a top salesman for Slick 50.  He would go around giving demonstrations showing how great the product was. 

I have used many car products in my day, and some of them lived up to my expectations.  Many were just average to questionable whether they did anything at all.

Today was one of those days where I was impressed with a product.  So impressed that I am letting all of my readers know about it.  This Mr. Clean magic eraser worked on all the marks with the exception of pen that my daughter and son made on our walls.  We have tried other products without success.  When talking to my co-workers it seemed several of them already knew about the product.  One of them mentioned that this product works good on stove tops.  As of today, there was a couple for $3 off on the website.

If someone can tell us of a product that removes pen marks out of wallpaper that would be helpful.   I did try white toothpaste as was recommended on another website.

Why is this information important?  Well, if you rent your home and it is time to leave you might need to clean up after your kids if they made marks on the walls.  It would be much cheaper to use a product like this to remove pencil or crayons from the walls.  Last thing you want when PCSing is to have to pay for damages.

Know of any great products?  Let us know...leave a comment!

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