Thursday, March 29, 2012

A conversation

Today I had a brief conversation with a co-worker of mine.  The conversation went a bit like this:

"Hey Gary, I'm a bit disappointed with your intro.

"What do you mean?" I replied.

"We talked about this yesterday.  Your open letter to Warren really isn't an open letter." he said.

This was some of the conversation I had today.  We had spoke yesterday with my idea to finally submit a letter to Warren Buffett in having him put his money where his mouth was and match any American who would contribute $2 to help pay off the national debt.  He said that what I wrote just didn't have enough impact.

I am a big fan of I am sure most if not all of you are.  I believe that America is the greatest nation on Earth, and I believe we can have the greatest government on Earth as well.  Getting out of debt is the first step in showing the world that we have what it takes to remain a great nation.  If our government fails, then being a Military Millionaire won't matter because we will have much larger problems.

My conversation was that I felt if I personally challenged Mr. Buffett to solely match America's payment that it would be too much of a liability, and not fair.  He said that I might as well send a letter to President Obama and have him use his Executive powers to change the IRS tax form for 2013.  $2 for a debt free America could be used as part of his campaign for reelection.  I would be more than happy if the President would do such a thing.  Since I wrote to Mr. Buffett instead of the President it has no real impact because I was writing to someone who couldn't make such a change.

Although no one has commented on this blog, I have received several comments on my Facebook page.  I would prefer if people would comment on this blog rather than Facebook.  This way others can see them, and respond as well.  He also mentioned during our conversation that I should do book reviews as to why my recommended books are so important.  This I can do.

As this blog continues to grow, I ask you to continue to read, but comment as well.  One comment can be the start of something great. 

As always, I appreciate your support.

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