Monday, March 26, 2012


Several books that I have read on leadership and successful people talk a lot about them setting goals.  A classic book that I do recommend reading is Think and Grow Rich.  I'm sure you could find it at your local library.  It talks in detail about goals among other usual tips that will help you gain wealth.  Businesses make plans and set goals all the time.  Most businesses have a mission statement, strategic plans with visions of where the company will go in the future.  People should do the same with their personal lives.  Sure it takes time, but the rewards are many.  They can help you out in your personal life, plus give you some valuable skills in your career.

A personal goal that I have had since high school was to get my CPA.  I didn’t really know why I wanted at the time; however after I took my accounting class it seemed like something I needed to have.  Seemed like a prestigious accomplishment, would force me to learn and would increase my credibility.  

This experience has been very painful.  It is the learning process.  As adult learners we forget how painful it was learning new things.  If you have kids you know how horrible it is for them to learn math or how to read.  Some kids get it quickly, but most have a hard time.  Lots of anger, crying and frustration.  I’m not just talking about my kids.  As adults we can do something that you could not do as a young child…quit.  Can you imagine if you were allowed to quit as a kid?  To become a military millionaire, you really have to be a lifelong learner.  The good news is that as an adult you can learn about things that interest you.

Learning is typically not fun.  It is painful, boring, and confusing among other things.  Many times it is even embarrassing.  None of that really matters.  What matters is that you go out and challenge yourself.  I just wrote about motivation, find someone to help you stay motivated.  You cannot live life alone, and I encourage you to find someone that is positive and someone who you can achieve goals together.   In the Army we had battle buddies.  Someone you could depend on and would help keep each other on track.  In the Air Force there is the Wingman concept.  Remember...we are all on the same team.

Doing things that anyone can do does not grow you personally, and doesn’t help out your career or America.  Finishing difficult tasks gives you a sense of accomplishment.  If you completed basic training or OTS/OCS it was a great accomplishment.  Why?  Cause it was difficult at the time.  Could you do it again?  Sure, probably a lot better than you did the first time around.
Something I failed to do when I set my goal of getting my CPA was to put a date as to when I wanted to achieve this goal.   I do have an end date now...August 24, 2012.  Whether I pass or fail any of my exams doesn't matter.  This date is set and the current plan is to finish then.

This puts pressure on you to perform.  Many people are procrastinators.  This is ok…in fact many people perform best under pressure.  You’ll also want to tell others what you are doing.

I remember reading an article about someone wanting to quit smoking.  They wrote on a note card that they were quitting smoking and passed it to all of their friends and family.  This helped them commit to quitting.  Set some goals and get out there and tell someone!  Like me and everyone posting a comment.

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