Sunday, March 25, 2012

Military Millionaire - An Introduction

As my first blog I wanted to give you a vision of what is to come.  To get excited about what the future holds.  This is whether you are active duty, reserve/guard, veteran, government civilian, or interested in joining the most powerful military in the world.  You are in a great position to become wealthy.  Misinformation is everywhere, and being able to separate the good from the bad can be difficult.  I am writing to help with your personal finance goals.  Through my personal experiences that I have had, and through wisdom of some of the greatest financial minds in history, I feel confident that you can do well financially.  The military has some of the best training.  You learn discipline, duty, loyalty, structure, and execution.  These skills alone give you an edge not only outside the military, but with your finances.  In my book and through these blogs I hope to open your eyes and minds on the many advantages of being part of the military family.

The area of training that most people never receive is financial training.  You can become an adult with no understanding of how taxes, banking, investing, saving, credit, and debt even works.  If you do not understand what to do with your money someone will gladly take your money off your hands…for a fee of course.  I have seen and heard many stories of people getting ripped off while serving and I’m hoping that this blog will stop some of you in making a decision that could cost you big time.

I salute each of you in deciding to serve the citizens of America.  In these seemingly difficult times we live in opportunity always exists.  Freedom is what we fight for each and every day.  We fight for the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Happiness is something we all want.  Finding meaning in this life is a way to pursue happiness.   As a military family we are all on the same team.  Life is a team sport.  It is time to get to work as individuals of this great team to make our communities great or even better than they already are. 

Everyone has been told one time or another that money isn’t everything.  This is true…however money is something.  Many of our life struggles and decisions are based on our availability to money.  Financial stress is a leading cause of failed marriages and relationships.  If you ever loaned money to a friend and they never paid you back this can destroy the relationship.  So, whether money isn’t everything…it is important.

Throughout these blogs I will show you that those who serve can become a millionaire.  I will show you that whether you are enlisted or an officer, you can do it.  How you get there…well that is the fun part.  It is really up to you.  That is why it is called personal finance.  You are personally responsible for getting yourself to reach your goals.  I’m here to help!  Hopefully others will also help you along the way with their comments.  I look forward to this journey with you.  I hope that I can personally meet many of you, and at the very least hear about some of the successes, and possible setbacks that you may occur along the way.  Stay strong…and never give up!

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