Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An open letter to Warren Buffett - $2 for a debt free America

I have read about Mr. Buffett in the news during this 2012 tax season challenging Republican congressmen and women to help pay down the national debt.  Foxnews among other news outlets covered the article.

Mr. Buffett said he that he would match any republican congressman or woman if they put money towards paying down the debt.  As an added bonus Mr. Buffett said he would go 3 for 1 for Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.  I’ve studied much about Warren Buffett and his business partner Charlie Munger.  I consider him one of my financial mentors, even though I've never met the person.  My thoughts on learning about finance is that you want to learn from the best.  I have read much about Warren Buffett, George Soros, Jim Rogers, Donald Trump and many others.  Many of the people I have studied...I have great respect for.  Warren Buffet is one of those people.  I would suggest you read The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis written by Buffett’s mentor Benjamin Graham.

An idea struck me while I was helping some Air Force personnel with their taxes this year.  On every tax return it asks tax payers if they would like to contribute $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.  What is this? 
You can read more about it at the website.

Personally I would never check the box to contribute to this fund, but apparently 33 million people do each year by checking off the box ($99,000,000).  In my opinion money could be better spent elsewhere.   My proposal to Mr. Buffett is to change the check box or add an additional check box.  I would like a box that asks if you would like to contribute $2 to help pay off the national debt.  Why two dollars?  Two dollars for debt has a nice ring to it.  Check here...$2 for a debt free America.  Plus I really like the movie “Better off dead” where the paper boy would go around asking for his $2 tip.  

If you pay $2 then my goal would be have businesses and wealthy Americans to show their true love for America and match all contributions until the debt is paid off.  Since our government is in debt and we the people still supposedly own the government…I see no reason why we should be in debt.

Patriots from across the nation and many others would be willing to spare 2 bucks to help rid this 500 pound gorilla off our backs.  We live in a great nation and our government should be a debt free nation.  This is my letter to Warren Buffett.  I hope that you and I can work together.  With your vast influence I am confident we can get this accomplished.

I cannot thank Warren Buffett enough for giving me such a great idea, and challenging people in Washington to help reduce the national debt.  I would be more than willing to champion the idea or drive to Omaha to meet with Mr. Buffett regarding this pressing issue.


Gary Ober
U.S. Army Veteran
Fighting for Financial Freedom

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