Sunday, April 1, 2012

The dawn before the storm - First CPA exam

This past month has been very painful.  My mind has had to work in overtime.  Between work, study, kids, and a mess of other things...tomorrow is the big day.  To give you an example of the time I have spent studying I have the following stats:

  •  1364 multiple choice questions answered in Test Prep Software
  •  26 hours 57 minutes spent answering these questions
  •  600 True and False questions answered
  •  800 Additional MC questions answered online
  •  Over 20 hours of listening to audio
  •  20 Written essay questions
  •  Approximately 30 hours per week spent studying or 120 hours for the month
My next section to rack my brain over will be regulation.  My exam will be on May 11, week before my friend John's wedding.  This is good because I'll need a vacation after I take that test for sure.  The amount of uncertainty is probably the worst part about taking this exam.  Even after spending all of this time studying, I do not feel as confident as I'd like.  When I took the Series 7, Series 63, and Insurance certifications I felt pretty confident.  Plus I had instructors that said I would pass.  With the CPA, I have no one to tell me if I'm prepared enough.

I suppose the final step in studying for the exam is a good night sleep.  Fortunately the exam site is very close to where I live.  I will be certain to post my results, good or bad in an upcoming article.  I will be taking the day off tomorrow, so hopefully I pass so that I won't feel like I wasted a day of leave.

Until then...stay safe, and enjoy the spring weather.


  1. I hope you pass for all of the effort you have put in! Good luck!!


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