Friday, April 6, 2012

Free deals - Food

Free deals occur all the time. I recently was able to get a free large pizza through Papa Johns. My kids were sick the other day and were in the mood for pizza. We eat at Papa Johns frequently enough that we accrue enough points to eat free. By ordering online you are able to get these points. I haven’t had an order messed up yet by ordering online.

Several other great deals exist throughout the week at different eating establishments. Many of them offer points much like Papa Johns. Some of them offer double points if you go on certain days. My suggestion is to find out which places offer you bonus points for these days. This way you can maximize your dollars and get free meals quicker.

Going out to eat obviously is expensive, and much cheaper alternatives exist. However, free deals do exist. If you are really hungry and know the techniques in food consumption such as performed by Joey Chestnut…there is sure to be eating challenges around your area where if you finish the challenge you get a free meal, shirt, and pride of accomplishment. I have done two of these challenges where I ate for free.

When I was in basic combat training and preparing to eat our meal our drill sergeants would remind us that we were feeding, not eating. This has helped me in my eating challenges. I haven’t been able to eat slowly ever since I joined. I haven’t ever had any problems with acid reflux or any other physical problems. I suppose I might have eaten slower when I was dating, but those days are long gone.

If you know of a great place to eat…post a comment. Let us know which base it is near and if I’m in town I might check it out.


  1. This is perhaps one of the most interesting and bizarre blog posts I have read recently. It makes me want to see a video of you eating...sort of. It also sort of makes me gag at the thought of watching you eat. But that's ok, blogs are for thoughts and it doesn't matter if it makes me gag. What place did you do the food challenge other than the sub joint?

    1. Hi Tyler, the other food challenge I did was at Beavercreek Pizza Dive. Used to be Roc-a-fella off of Dayton-Xenia Rd. It really wasn't an official challenge, but one of my co-workers said if I could eat four slices of the Bomber he would pay for it. They do have the Bomber challenge which is 2 people eating all 8 slices in 1 hour. It could be 30 minutes. is 1 pound of pork in each slice. It was much more difficult than the sub challenge. All this talk about food is making me hungry. I also participate in the Tour De Donut bike race. I'm a part of the dozen club.

      If you are interested in watching...let me know of a food challenge, and I'll see if I can perform.


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