Sunday, April 22, 2012

Health - Diet day 5

An update on my diet.  Well, the diet has been going very well.  I have managed to lose 8 pounds since my last weigh in (yes, I weighed myself around the same time as I did last time).

I guess my metabolism still does work.  Perhaps it helps if I stop eating over 3000 calories per meal.  Instead, I have been eating apples, rice, salads, and chewing gum (I don't swallow them anymore).  Although I haven't chewed any gum this weekend...I'll need to start chewing again when I go back to work.  I'm actually feeling pretty good right now, but today I did have some major cravings for all those unhealthy foods sitting in my house. 

You know the kind...chips, cereal (I eat it in mass quantities if I start), and orange juice.  I resisted the urge, and went to bed.  Mainly because I had been studying for the CPA exam.  I got a 25% on my first practice test.  I only have  3 weeks to go before my second exam.  Quite depressing, but I must continue on with the drudgery.
I do lift weights (15 pounds) each day, and do side straddle hops for my exercise when I am at home.  I  have a punching bag that I like to beat up on.  The weather has turned cold here in Ohio, so I haven't been outside much all week.  I'll keep everyone posted on my progress.  Thanks for supporting me in this difficult lifestyle change.

Oh and I thought my scale was broken, but I was wrong.  My wife fixed it!


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