Thursday, April 19, 2012

Health - Dieting day 3

I'm already into my third day of dieting.  What a horrible experience it has been thus far.  On the first day of my diet one of the nicest ladies at my work place brought in delicious muffins.  Three different kinds, lemon drop, carrot cake, and chocolate.  I admit I ate the lemon drop (which I regretted later) and the carrot cake.  I then ate rabbit food for the rest of the day.


Day two I suffered from what I call the...hey fat boy start eating or else headache.  I proceeded to eat a small breakfast and lunch consisting of curry and rice.  For dinner, I ate a salad that my wife made me.  Actually, my wife made all my food so far in my diet.  When I get hungry I chew gum and drink water.

Day 3 I have started to feel better. My jaw hurts from all the gum I have chewed.  I probably burned off any calories the gum gave me through constant chewing motion.  This time another lovely lady coworker brought in cookies and gooey treats from Dorthy Lane Market.  They always sit the treats by my desk (cube is empty and is a high traffic area).  I resisted temptation this time as my coworkers let me know how much they enjoyed the treats.  For lunch is another salad and an apple.

Potato, mushroom and cucumber

Today for dinner is more veggies as shown in the pictures.  As for my new weight...I'm not sure.  I broke the scale after my first weigh in.  I'll never purchase another digital scale because they seem to always break. 

Lastly...please do not make fun of the food I am eating.  There are people all over the world who starve and would love to have this stuff...actually I just don't want my wife to get upset if people post negative comments.  Thank you for your understanding.


  1. I think that food looks awesome! Also, it's so much easier when someone makes the food for you. I am curious who brought in the treats, though.

    1. They were ladies that worked in the same room as you did. Should be pretty easy to figure out who did it.

  2. Gary, the Killer Brownies were so awesome that I was happy to step up to the plate and eat yours for you! I've got your back!

    1. I'm surprised how quickly the box disappeared without my help. It's almost like some people hadn't eaten in days.


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