Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hobbies - Sewing

Everyone should have a hobby.  A hobby can be anything from working on cars, playing video games, lifting weights, playing basketball, sewing, gardening, ballroom dancing, or wood working.  Having a hobby is important for your well-being.  Having a hobby can even increase your wealth.

Typically hobbies fall into this category for many reasons.  The IRS has a definition of what is a hobby verses a business.  Many businesses first start off as hobbies.  People can go through there whole life doing jobs that they do not like or perhaps aren't even very skilled at doing.  Doing something you are passionate about can be a key ingredient in turning a hobby into a business.  I'm sure you have heard about people wanting to start their own business.  I say...start your own hobby and see if you in fact love doing it first.

This article is about my wife and her hobby.  My wife loves to cut hair.  She likes to perm and dye hair as well.  Right now she cuts my hair, our kids hair, and she dyes and cuts my mother's hair.  She also enjoys making things.  She sews clothes for the kids, hems pants, and other items as well.

 This is a skirt that she made for herself.  As you can see it has two pockets in the front, the zipper and clip is in the back.

I have bought her three sewing machines.  She has a Singer Confidence Quilter.  A Brother 1034D serger, and a Brother Cover Stitch 2340CV.  She doesn't use the cover stitch machine very much, and would not recommend it unless you make a lot of shirts. 

Above is a picture of her enjoying her work.  Depending on her mood and motivation she sometimes spends hours sewing each day.  I remember one time she was up until like 2 am sewing something.  She said it was the only time she had to enjoy herself while the kids were asleep.

She is very talented with making all types of clothes.  She made the traditional Korean dresses that my daughters are proudly wearing above.  I've been told that she could start selling her clothes on a website such as Etsy.  She really does have her hands full at the moment, but perhaps in the future.

What are some of your hobbies?  Any successes?  Let us know by commenting on this article.


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