Thursday, April 12, 2012

Netfilx vs. Amazon Prime

This article I wanted to give a more in depth review of these two services.  I am also using Hulu by watching the Celebrity Apprentice.  In my last article I gave a brief discussion that I was switching services from Netflix to Amazon Prime.  The article was very vague and really only talked about the money I would save.  Here is what I have observed:

I use my PS3 to watch both Amazon Prime and Netflix.  I recently switched to Amazon Prime.  My first impression when I first logged into Amazon Prime this is great!  I soon realized that many of the shows and movies were unavailable unless I paid...bummer.  Huge disappointment!

First I will let you know about the good things Amazon Prime has to offer.  I'm all about saving money...and wrote about the cost of entertainment in a previous article.  My savings is $2 per month by switching to Prime.  We have a Kindle Fire, and my daughter has been using it to read books.  You can get some free downloadable books through Prime.  Many TV shows are in high definition (HD).  I kind of wish I would have waited to watch many of these shows like Lost in HD.  You can also watch many on demand movies through Prime, but they cost you $$.  You can also get free two day shipping on many Amazon products using Prime.  Another benefit for us is because the of lack of selection in the shows and movies...we will spend less time watching TV.  I am hoping we will spend more time on more productive things.

Now for the bad...which in my opinion out weighs the good.  The biggest problem is the user interface.  Terrible would be an understatement.  Amazon really needs to split up the movies and TV shows that costs money from the ones that do not.  I do not have all day to find a show or movie that won't cost me money.  After all...I bought the service to save me money, not cost me more.  The selection of products is very small compared to Netflix.  I think it is like 4 times smaller.  If you are new to online streaming and want to ditch my opinion the best deal would be Netflix.  Hulu is also very good, but for me, I cannot use it on my PS3.  I'm not dragging a 50 foot cable through my ceiling or through the house to connect my TV to the Internet.

There are many good things going for Netflix.  The selection an user interface is great.  You can rate movies and if you are conservative in your rating, it does a really good job in picking movies that you might like.  I believe that Netflix has over 50,000 movies to chose from.  At $8.50 with tax, it is a real bargain.  They also have a kids section that you can select on your PS3.  This was added recently so the kids and select it and only see kids shows.  It doesn't beat Hulu as far as cost goes (free...with exception of Hulu Plus)...but I think it is the step in the right direction to ditching cable or satellite.  Monthly costs can kill your finances, and we have lived just fine without cable.  In fact, I don't think we have had cable since 2003.  I'm not sure what all the hoopla was about with Netflix and them raising prices.  As we have seen...people have come back.  Why?  No better options available.

In summary, if you do have never experienced online streaming and want something cannot go wrong with Netflix.  Pay the extra $2.  As for Amazon...I'm certain they will fix the problems that I mentioned.  They are a great online retailer, and I have nothing but love for them.  Just remember, if you want to do streaming video you need a good Internet connection.  Otherwise, you might as well forget it.

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