Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Netflix vs. Amazon

We just switched from Netflix to Amazon Prime today.  Amazon Prime is now available on PS3, so it was time to switch.  I really enjoyed my time with Netflix, but we just do not use it as much as we did when we first purchased it.  After catching up with all the major TV shows, there really wasn't much left to watch.  The kids still like watching shows, so Amazon Prime will do.

So, what does this save me?  Well, about $24 per year.  I wasn't upset with Netflix changing their services either.  I was glad they made the switch.  It saved me money because we ditched the DVD and went to streaming.  That saved me $24 per year when we changed from the $9.99 plan to the $7.99 plan.  This is great news.  I'm getting what I want for $48 per year less than a year ago.  Competition is great like that.  Always fighting for my business.

What am I going to do with all that money?  I'm not sure yet...I didn't save enough to retire on, so I suppose I'll continue to work.  I have been getting busier studying for taxes again, so I'll probably only be able to post 1 or 2 per day.

You might have noticed all of the tax articles have been removed.  I will put them back up later.  I was going over my CPA regulations and wanted to make sure everything was OK.  Not that I was giving wrong information or anything, I'll explain it after I add the information back.

Back to studying...

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