Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stock Research - Value Line

For all you stock market fans...this article hopefully will satisfy your hunger to learn more.  Want the latest and greatest stock picks, but can't seem to find any here?  Well, probably one of the best places to conduct your research is in your local library!  Guess what...if you haven't been there in a is still free to go.  Let's go dust off that library card and take a trip there shall we?

So, once you get in the library there are sections dedicated to all sorts of valuable information on business, stocks, finance, economics, options, commodities, bonds, real estate.  It is amazing...and free!!!  You can get books on how to do practically everything from starting a garden, a business, installing tile on floors, basic get the idea.  It's free!

You remember all those boring books in school that you forgot 90% because they didn't pertain to anything of value?  They forbid those books in the library!  If you do find one of those horrible books...let the librarian know that the book has no value, and should be discarded.

When I was growing up...I thought the library had all of those terrible books I had to read in school.  After avoiding the place for 24 years...I realized I was wrong about the library.  What a great resource!

In the local library in Centerville, Ohio where I grew up they also had probably one of the most prominent names in stock research available for free...Value Line!

How valuable is this stock research?  Value line's prices range in the $200 for online access or $249 for print subscription for 1 year.  How much is it at the library?  Zero dollars!  Talk about a way to get richer.  You walk into the library...pick up a Value Line, and instantly you should feel wealthier.  I know I did.

I'm certain every library does not carry Value Line products, but it is one that I have used with success in the past.  They have a long history of success, and would be a valuable part of your stock portfolio education.  I will say that I strongly recommend to read my recommended books prior to making any financial decisions...with the exception of budgeting, paying bills, or paying off debt.  Value Line will make it look like certain companies are a strong buy, but I suggest you learn more before taking the plunge. 

Please, do us all a favor, and comment on this article.  Let us know if Value Line is available in your area.  List the city, state, and name of the library.  If it is not...perhaps with enough people interested, we can send a letter to the library asking if they would subscribe.

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