Sunday, April 15, 2012

This blog is three weeks old!

Hard to believe that it has been three weeks since I first started this blog.  The blog has 42 published articles, 8 pages, and has about 30-70 page views per day.  As of today there have been over 1000 page views and 14 published comments as the blog continues to grow.

This is pretty exciting.  As I continue to post one or two articles per day I'm hoping the amount of comments and questions will increase.  Some of the articles I have written have been because of direct questions I have received from readers.  If you have a question...feel free to either comment or send an e-mail.

This week an archive page was added.  This may help you navigate to past articles that I have written.  I will try and update this archive weekly.

If you have a blog, or have something you would like me to feature on this site let me know.

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