Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Working from home professionals

I know that many people would love to work from home.  My older sister would love the opportunity to work at home while raising a family.  Something that seems to be catching on is professionals working from a home office.

Many employers are still reluctant to the idea.  Probably because they might feel they would lose control of their workforce if they allow telecommuting.  IT security is another big factor when it comes to working from home.  Congress recently passed H.R. 1722: Telework Enhancement Act of 2010.

"To require the head of each executive agency to establish and implement a policy under which employees shall be authorized to telework, and for other purposes."

Although, I do not see myself working from home anytime is very possible in the future, and wouldn't be difficult to implement.  The amount of money the government could save the taxpayer and the employees would be tremendous.  Imagine hardly any traffic on the roads...less maintenance would be required.  No more building new building for employees.  No more electric costs powering inefficient old building.  I could go on and on.

Joshua Carter, Dayton Ohio Attorney

However, I'd like to talk about Joshua Carter.  I've known Josh since 2009 when we worked in the same program office here at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  I would consider Josh a lawyer of the 21st century.  Unlike many other lawyers, Josh posts many of his fees right on his website.  You'll know what to expect upfront without wondering if you are going to get charged a ton of money.  Because he has a home office without the expensive overhead costs of a traditional law firm, such as office space, billable hours and secretaries.  The saving goes directly to the customer.

Having a lawyer is a must once you start accumulating wealth or start a family.  Estate planning, Wills, forming legal entities, or if you need busted out of prison this can get expensive.  In my opinion Josh has some of the best rates in the area.  I cannot imagine going to anyone else.

On a side note...Josh had a small role in the Lebron James documentary "More Than a Game".  Josh is #50 and played against Lebron when he was a freshman.

If you have a legal concern or are interested in learning more, you check out his webpage at

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