Saturday, May 26, 2012

Becker CPA - ordering nightmare

I've tried over the last few days to order Becker CPA review.  You would think that it would be pretty straight forward since Becker is suppose to be one of the top CPA review courses.  For someone who doesn't work for a big accounting firm, I have to pay for the materials myself.

I went to the Becker website and created a log in.  I filled out my information such as name, address and so forth.  It has a section where it wants you to type in your affiliations such as where you work and what school you attended.  I tried to put in Air Force as the agency I work for, but they didn't have it listed.  The site did list federal government employee.  It has a place to select stating that I would be paying for the product myself.  I checked that radio button.  I selected the product I wished to purchase.  Total price...$0.

I knew something wasn't correct, so I called Becker.  I was put on hold several times, and was told I didn't select the right option.   The customer service representative said I selected the option that my employer would be paying for the course.  I'm sorry, but you don't ever blame the customer.  People call customer service because a problem exists.  You do not need to exacerbate the situation.  Plus I know that I clicked right box.

After all that mess is over with I get my $135 discount per course.  I decided to purchase only one section at a time, rather than the last two courses that I will be taking.  I enter in my credit card information and click submit order.

I receive a prompt thanking me for my order, and now it is on hold.  Why is my order on hold?  Becker needs to verify my employer.  The verification takes 24 hours apparently.  I send the information Becker requested, and for whatever reason...I receive an error from Becker stating they cannot verify my e-mail.

I call Becker again...

Needless to say Becker didn't have any supervisors that I could talk with.  I wouldn't be able get the hold status removed until possibly Wednesday of next week.  You would think that if I placed an order on Thursday that it wouldn't take until Wednesday of the following week to go through.  Then who knows how long it will take to process and ship.  This means I could risk waiting two weeks to get my materials.

I went to to find out more about different CPA courses.  I decided to go with Yeager.  I got a government discount through them as well.  $50 discount to be exact.  What did I need to do?  Enter in the code that is available on their website.  Simple.

Why Becker takes forever to order the review course...I'm not really quite certain. 

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