Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CPA Exam - BEC results

If you ever wondered what it looks like after you get the results back from a CPA exam...look no further!  I have posted them below.

Something that I am happy about with is my written communication part.  I was a tad nervous that it was the cause of my failure.  I was wrong.  I am glad that I did strongly in the Economic Concepts part.  I guess that economics minor really paid off.

After learning more about the CPA exam, I'm not too upset that I didn't pass this section.  Many people have trouble with BEC.  Besides...coming from someone who could barely read in the 7th grade, I've come a long way.

I was at a party at my friend's house and there was an older gentleman who owned a CPA firm for 25 years.  He said he has 11 employees, and enjoys the work.  He asked me if I knew what CPA stood for.  I told him Certified Public Accountant...he said, "Can't Pass Again."

I read somewhere that less than 20% of all candidates pass all 4 sections on the first time.  Well, I already knew that I wasn't in the top 20% academically.  So, it was inevitable that I would fail at least one section if not more.  Failing a test is kinda like getting rejected for a date.  If you ask out enough people, and aren't afraid of rejection...eventually someone will say yes.

When I was younger my friend Braden and I would go to King's Island during summer breaks.  We would always see some hot girl with a less than attractive guy.  Braden would ask...how did he get to go out with that hot girl?  I told him...probably because he was the only person not afraid to ask her out.  Hot girls can be intimidating to many guys.  I remember a few years ago, an attractive co-worker of mine told me she has trouble with guys never asking her out.  She said no one ever asks her out.  She wasn't unintelligent either.  I cannot remember if I told her that guys were probably intimidated by her.  She did eventually get married. 

If you fear rejection...you'll miss out on some great opportunities.  Keep that in mind.

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