Friday, May 11, 2012

CPA - Regulation exam

I took my second installment of the CPA exam.  If it weren't for the free burger I received from Red Robin for my birthday, and my friend Eric helping me aerate my lawn...I'd be feeling pretty lousy.  I feel like I am not prepared enough for the test.

Nothing like a mentally and physically exhausting day.  My friend Eric is helping me make my lawn look like Augusta National.  He's a golf pro and knows his grass, and how to play golf.  I played golf in high school, but the only reason why I made the team is because 6 people went to the tryouts.  My swing is terrible because my dad taught me to hit lefty for baseball.  Hitting left handed in baseball has several advantages.  Easier to hit off right handed pitchers, and you are closer to first base.  Plus it is easier to hit to right field where many coaches stick their worst fielders.  However, when I played floor hockey...I always hit right handed.  I think that I'm just not fit to play the sport, and it is too expensive

I'd like to think that I passed this exam, however I don't feel like I did that well.  I've read and heard others say that they felt terrible after they finished and then passed.  The exam is a mystery to me.  I've taken standardize tests before like the ACT, insurance exam, Series 63 and Series 7.  I knew I did well and the results reflected this.  On the ACT, I knew that I did better the second time, but not much better.  It wasn't like I studied.

I've already told my friends that when I pass the exam I will be throwing a Billy Madison type party.  I sure hope that I pass sooner rather than later, because I need a serious vacation.  To those who have their CPA, I have a new level of respect for those who completed it.  The same goes to lawyers who have to pass the bar exam, doctors who have to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), mechanics who need to be Automobile Service Excellence (ASE) certified, IT professionals who take the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and so forth.

I never liked taking tests in school, but these tests are far worse than anything I've ever had in school.

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