Thursday, May 24, 2012

CPA Results - Regulation (REG)

I got my CPA regulation results today.  I had a pretty good idea before I received the results whether or not I passed.  I thought I did really well on the simulation part, and didn't do very good on the multiple choice.  My conclusion was correct.

Regulation results 5/23/2012

I'm sure that the Gleim system may work for some people, but it won't work for me.  I am not someone who can comprehend vast amounts of information that isn't very focused.  I am not someone who got straight As in school.  Those people typically are excellent readers...not something I excel in at all.  I found some typos in the materials, and it really bothered me that my counselor didn't have a clue what was going on.  In fact, when I wrote to my personal counselor that I had failed BEC she replied with, "Congratulations!"

I was shocked that she didn't even read the one sentence that I wrote.  I could possibly understand if I wrote a paragraph, but when you write, "I got a 74 and I would be taking the next section on Friday."  You could take the time to not spit out a canned congrats message. 

I asked for my money back via e-mail, but I will probably need to call tomorrow now that I have my official scores.  I've tried to study the material I have with Gleim for the Auditing Section, but it is too difficult.  Hopefully I will get my material from Becker soon.  I need to start studying again.  This time I pray that I'll be able to pass the test.

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