Saturday, May 5, 2012

Failing and diet update

I took 1.5 weeks off to finish studying the Regulation section of the CPA exam.    It has been very frustrating waiting to find out if I have passed the first section.  I found out yesterday that I scored a 74.  What does this mean?  It means that I failed by one point.

I slept pretty good last night as I drowned myself in tears, sorrow and agony from my recent failure.  Life certainly has it's ups and downs. 

Fortunately in this day an age we do have social media.  I let the few Facebook friends I have know that I failed, and was thinking of quitting.  Within minutes people began writing me...encouraging me to keep trying.  Easier said than done when you know full well that you put your heart and soul into studying for this monstrosity.  Plus every time you fail a test it cost like $300 to retake it.  I'm very thankful for my family.  My oldest daughter said that she feels sorry for me.  I'm lucky to have such great kids.

This brings me to the Wingman concept.  In the Air Force the concept is be a good Wingman.  What does this mean?  It means know the people around you.  For example...when I sent the message that I failed and wanted to quit, some people responded my encouraging me.  Some said quit being a wimp and try again.  Determining which response works best for the individual is important.  Knowing whether that person needs either sympathy, encouragement, or a kick in the pants.  Without knowing the proper response can make the situation worse for that individual...even if you thought you were trying to help.

Taking the CPA exam is not for the weak at heart, and has destroyed my diet that I was doing so well on.  Like the fat guy on Austin Powers said, "I eat because I'm unhappy, and I'm unhappy because I eat.  It's a vicious cycle." 


  1. I think you need all 3... encouragement, sympathy, AND a kick in the pants!! The Gary that I know would encourage me to keep going if I wanted to quit and would chastise me for giving up so easily. I'm just returning the favor. Look, in the land of CPA, a 74 is the most crushing score someone can receive. But you know what it means?? It means you were thisclose and that you WILL conquer it next time. Get your score in the mail, see what you need to stusy, pay the $175 bucks to retake it very soon, and victory will be yours. You'll never know if you could've done it if you give up now.

    1. Thanks are a good friend. I should have known that if you couldn't pass it on the first time, that I wouldn't be able to either. At least I got one more point than you did :)

      I will continue to take the tests until I pass.

  2. Life is always about falling back and surging forward. I think it is good to let the family/ children to participate. They learn how to support others and handle their own set backs. .....Roger

    1. I is too short not to spend time participating with your kids. This is one of the reasons why I love the concept of investing in your own family business rather than sending money to Wall Street. It can be as simple as raising chickens, or growing strawberries. Those skills and memories will last a lifetime.

      One of my favorite martial artist...Chuck Norris said, "Sometimes you have to slow down in order to go faster." He said this to Bruce Lee when they were training throwing punches. Thanks for your comment!


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