Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why I joined the Military #4 - Choosing a job

After going through all the rigorous testing, both physical and mental, it was  time to get a job.  I did quite well on the ASVAB by scoring a composite of 80.  I got a 112 in GT which qualified me to become an officer.  At least that is what I was told.  I didn't study for the test...however, I recommend that you do study.  Why?  Well, if you haven't learned is about taking tests, and preparation.  Those that study and prepare have greater options than those that do not.   

My time at MEPS included having to pee in a cup, walk like a duck, and all sorts of fun tests.  Everything checked out it came time to pick my job.  If you recall from my previous articles I wanted to get a job as an accountant.  I was certainly qualified to get this job.  I sat down next to a E6 Sergeant in the Army.  He seemed like a nice professional gentleman.  He asked me what I wanted to do in the Army.  I told him I wanted to be an accountant.  He got on his computer and found no jobs needed for an accountant.  I said that I came down here to get a job as an accountant.  He told me that jobs come up all the time, and sometimes certain jobs aren't available.  He said that he would call someone to check and make certain.

He proceed to call someone, and told him that I wanted a job in accounting.  No dice!  I remember my recruiter told me to be open to other I asked if any finance jobs are available.  No.  Personnel?  No.  Administrative?  No.

Now I'm getting really frustrated.  Then he told me about the different classes of jobs.  He said combat jobs are in these areas.  Combat support are these areas, and lastly combat service support in these jobs.  Then he looked at this job and said...hey this one is kind like accounting.  He said he had a video of what you would be doing.  I watched the video.  I can't remember too much about what the job was, but I do remember soldiers counting crates and getting rained on.  The video said that I would be spending most of my time in the field.  I said no thanks.  Then I pointed out a job that was Telecommunication Record Operator Maintainer.  He showed me the video.  He looked like I would be doing some sort of military intelligence of all I wasn't getting rained on.  He said that this job required a Top Secret clearance (Now I'm thinking James Bond type work).  I thought to myself that this could be neat.  I told him that I would take the job.

He was pretty happy we found something.  He explained that job training would be 8 weeks, and the contract was for 4 years.  I was eligible for the GI Bill which I took.  I signed some paperwork, and then talked to another E6 who verified everything with me.  He was making certain that this was the job I wanted to do.  I signed, and was enrolled in the delayed entry program until I finished my year at Wright State.


  1. You need to write more of what happened. Was interested in your story and it ended. Til next time....

    1. I will write more...however it seemed like a good place to stop.


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