Thursday, June 14, 2012

All you can eat buffet

Being a fan of food...I'm always looking for the best value when it comes to eating out.  Buffets are located all over the Dayton area.  Obviously where you live prices would be different.  If you aren't located around the Dayton area, let us know where your favorite buffet is and how much it costs.

If you are from the Dayton area...let us know what your favorite buffet is as well.

Yesterday I took some of our old neighbors out to eat.  They have been really great neighbors and I felt it was time to return the favor.  I told them to BD's Mongolian Grill at the Greene Shopping Center.  The atmosphere is great at that restaurant...although it does seem like there was an usually large percentage of people having a birthday.  I think there was 5 people who got a shout out for a birthday.

Anyways...since the meal was going to be around $100 I decided to have the salad bar.  The cost was $5.99 for unlimited soup and salad.  Pretty decent deal.  I went to Big Boy last week and paid $6.25 and if you go to Olive Garden many times you can get unlimited soup and salad for $6.99.

Big Boy ($6.25) had a wider selection of salad.  They had a fruit bar as well.  However, the soup was pretty salty.

Olive Garden ($6.99) has good soup, salad, and bread sticks.  The downside is getting service to order more soup.

Bd's ($5.99) had all the salad fixings I enjoy, plus mandarin oranges and pineapples.  The tomato soup was outstanding.  I cannot think of a cheaper and better buffet in the Dayton area.

If you do know of a buffet that is cheaper...please tell!  Otherwise, Bd' Mongolian Grill wins top honors from USA Military Millionaire.

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  1. I think BD's will be hard to top at that price.


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