Saturday, June 9, 2012

Feeding and eating until you're Skinny

I remember back when I was in the Army during basic training.  When it came time to eat chow, we didn't have very much time to eat.  Our drill sergeants would constantly remind us that we weren't eating, we were feeding.  I think this concept has gone with me through the rest of my life.  Good or bad, I am a fast eater.

Today was a very busy day for me.  I studied for my CPA, handed over the keys to my new tenant, talked to my old neighbor, cleaned up the rental house, had birthday cake for my mom, took mom out for her birthday, bought supplies for the rental, and took care of the little ones.

I finally found some time to write.  While I was out cleaning up some of the trees branches and limbs I cut down, our favorite neighbors of all time were outside.  They actually came over to my house and cut down the honeysuckle trees that were growing the the backyard of my house.  That is right...they took care of a very evasive plant on my property, because they are just that...great neighbors.  This isn't the first time they have helped maintain my rental house yard.  They reseeded a large area, called us when water was gushing out of the garage during the winter because a pipe broke.  If their was an award for best neighbor for the year.  It would be them.  In fact, I'd go as far to say that if people were more like them, we truly could have heaven in a place like Earth.

The neighbor also lost a lot of weight...about 20 pounds.  He said he's co-workers were impressed and asked what his secret was.  He said he ate less.  Gee...they were hoping for something a little easier.

This is where my "Feeding and Eating until you are Skinny" book comes in.  Most people want to lose weight, and everyone should know that if you consume less, you will lose weight.  However, it isn't easy...because like myself, I have an oral fixation that needs to be filled.  How can you solve it?  Two ways...chewing gum, and eating celery.  You can eat yourself into oblivion if you ate nothing, but celery.  Although you'd probably have serious diarrhea.

I'm old school, and I believe in the philosophy of no pain, no gain.  If you feel pain, at least you know you are still alive.  Feel free to ask questions by writing your comments below.  Good luck with your weight loss.

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