Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gut Feeling

Do you have gut feelings?  Not everyone experiences such things.  Basically it is your intuition telling you that something is or isn't right.  If you have taken the Myer Briggs personality test you might understand what intuition is a little better.  However, many people do not have the same levels of intuition as others.  As for me...I have the ability.  But what exactly is it really?

Well, for me...sometimes I cannot explain myself very well in words.  It can drive analytical people up the wall, because I see or feel things that they could only dream about.  I'm not talking about ghosts, aliens or x-ray vision superpowers (it would be nice though).  What intuition to me is all the experiences and analysis that I have completed and balls up into your gut.  The feeling is real, and it typically is important to pay attention to it.  Can I explain my thoughts on why I feel the way I do...yes!  However, typically it is already too late.

Recently I had this feeling screening one of the potential tenants.  One of my tenants is moving out, and the not very fun process of replacement is taking place.  The third potential tenant I started to get a gut feeling.  Fortunately they weren't interested.

When it comes to personality traits, some people have abilities that you cannot possibility fathom.  Why?  Because not everyone was built that way.  I'm certain that some people probably think that the dog whisper or psychics are total fraud.  I do not believe they are fraud.  We have a very limited understanding of our true nature and abilities.  Some people are able to develop abilities that they may have.  There are always extremes to certain parts of many different spectrum.  The movie "Unbreakable" talked about how some people are born extremely frail, while others are practically unbreakable.

Some people can see even see the future.  It is possible.  I haven't told very many people about it, but I have been able to do it on a rare occasion.  I haven't sought out to develop the skill for several reasons.  First of all, typically the amount of time in the future is very limited (less than 1 minute).  Second, I am doing many other things in my spare time.  Third, it can be very upsetting and frustrating.  What do I mean?

Have you ever watched someone get beat up or injured, and you did nothing?  You practically froze, and couldn't react?  Imagine how that feels if you could prevent something, and were able to do something about it, but reacted too slow.  It can get annoying real quick.  The skill is worthless in that sense because you cannot use it.  Watching something happen before it happens isn't cool.  I do not like Déjà vu.

Sometimes things just cannot be explained, but this doesn't mean their isn't an explanation.  Perhaps one day I'll fully understand intuition.  Until then...I'll just continue to write in this blog, and study for my CPA exam.

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