Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Having fun...In my Mopar

I wrote this in response to the Toyota Swagger Wagon commerical.  If you haven't seen it, you can click below.  I had planned on making my own music video, but alas I have run out of time.  If someone from the Chrysler Corporation (or one of my readers) would like to put a crew together and help me create this video please let me know.

Title - In my Mopar - Dodge Grand Caravan ES
Military Millionaire (MM) - Yeah this one goes out to all you American minivan families out there, no actors here, Dodge Grand Caravan ES in the garage.

Wife - Where my mothers and fathers at?
MM - Where my kids at? (Ashley pulls on my pants)...oh here
Ashley - Where's Alan at?
All - Where's Alan at? (repeat 5 times until Alan shows)
MM - Check it...Life is Grand, in this Caravan, life is good, V6 under the hood.
Life is great, I'm never late, cruise through the street, packing fake heat (fire fake gun...pop).
Wife - Your in command, in a Grand Caravan.  You’re in control, feel the A/C flow.
You’re on a roll, with your music rocking, no neighbors knocking, just you and the road.
All - In my Mopar, In my Mopar, In my Mopar, not your ordinary car. (repeat)
MM - Yo, listen, how this story goes, the Sienna SE ain't messing with me.
That car, is short and narrow. A true swagger wagon is big as a barrel.
MM - V6 in the front, stack wood in the back.  My drag racing stats says…I’m the mack.
Wife - I like to garden, so I need some supplies. Shop at Home Depot, it all fits in my ride.  On my way back, sing a song or two...get the kids ready, let's head to the zoo.
All - In my Mopar, In my Mopar, In my Mopar, not your ordinary car. (repeat)
MM - I love my daughters, they are number 1. Playing bee ball having lots of fun.
When play time's over we got work to do. I get my kids ready and tie their shoes.
Ashley - Daddy...I can tie my own shoe.
MM - Honor roll, students, isn't all that. Selling girl cookies at Wal-mart, Jack (shaking head no).  That's ain’t important, in my book (holding Rich Dad Poor Dad book). I'd rather my girls learn how to cook.
Ashley - I have a business, to pay for my toys. Collecting cans from the neighbors, forget those boys.  I work make some cash. (saluting) Thank you sir for all your trash.
Mom - My girls are smart, they understand. That school teaches you to work for the man.  And this is why, my family is smart. We drove Mopar from the very start.
All - We drive Mopar, We drive Mopar, We drive Mopar, not your ordinary car. (repeat)
MM - Dodge's lineup, is full of fun, Charger, Challenger, Viper hun.
Less expensive, than that foreign crap.  Forget gas mileage and that liberal smack.
In America, where freedom reigns. The Mopar family puts all others to shame.
MM - People come and people go…but only one man drove a Dodge Monaco.

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