Monday, June 11, 2012

Health - 10 step starter plan to lose weight

Have you ever had something stolen from you?  That feeling of helplessness?  The feeling that you've been taken advantage of?

These are terrible feelings.  I experienced these each time I sat down and ate lunch.  Every time I ate lunch I'd look at my empty plate dumbfounded and angry.  Where did my food go?  Then I would ask my co-worker if they took my sandwich.

My co-worker gave me a suggestion that might just have changed my life forever.  Being a trained soldier, I'm very good at following directions.  He told me that I needed to stop feeding or grazing, and start enjoying my food.  He gave me the following directions, and I've created my 10 steps to turn your feeding back into eating.

Step 1 Cut sandwich in half
Step 2 Pick up sandwich
Step 3 Bite a fork size bite
Step 4 Put the sandwich down (very important!)
Step 5 Let go of the sandwich (It will still be there.  It won't get stolen)
Step 6 Chew
Step 7 Think about how much weight you will loser
Step 8 Think about how wonderful this meal is
Step 9 Swallow food
Step 10 Repeat steps 2-10

Seems simple enough, but this is revolutionary for me.  Much like a dog which doesn't really leave food in their mouth very long.  Something that you can give a dog is something like a dog bone or a pig ear.  They will chew on it for a long time.  You could do something similar, however I would suggest chewing on gum rather than a juicy pig ear.

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