Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Money saving skills

A widely known and easily learned skill that will help you for years to come is typing.  Learning how to type is a critical skill for many computer users (meaning practically everyone).  Computer and IT skills in general can save valuable time and energy.  Another quick way to become vastly more productive is to have two monitors for your computer.

Dual monitors has proven to boost productivity of people who use the computer a lot by up to 30%.  For less than $200 you could essentially work 2.4 hours less and get the same work done with two monitors.  How is this possible?  There are many reasons why...but if you think about it... you are increasing your desktop size by 100%.  If you could increase your office space by 100% wouldn't you be able to get more work done as well?  Same concept.

Is getting two monitors worth it?  YES!  Not only does it relieve stress (don't have to work as hard to get the same results), but productivity will obviously increase.  The same rule applies to those who know how to type.  Learn the skill!  I couldn't imagine not being able to type.  First of all, I wouldn't be writing this blog.  Second, you begin to hate documenting your work for your job.  Seeing people struggle to type is awful to watch.  As if they are trying to type something into a phone.

If you cannot type 45 wpm then you are wasting valuable time.  Most people who hunt and peck probably can only type around 20-25wpm.  This means you can double your productivity and reduce your frustration.

The other alternative is to hire someone to type for you.  Unfortunately at your do not have that luxury.  It is a real shame because I think some people could really become very productive if they had someone type and relieve certain administrative work.  I'm still trying to rope my wife into doing these things for me without any success.  Perhaps once my kids learn how to type I'll be able to accelerate my profitable work while allow them to perform all those mundane, but critical tasks.

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