Monday, July 2, 2012

CPA examination - Auditing using Yeager CPA

Unqualified this a good thing?  Is it better than a standard opinion (they are the same thing)?  What about a qualified opinion?  Qualified to do what exactly?

Today I took the Auditing portion of the CPA exam.  2012 is the year of the lost summer.  Lost due to studying for an exam, learning about information that will shortly be permanently forgotten after completion of the CPA license.  I did get to meet two other people at the Prometrics that were taking the exam.  Both of them had failed their exam, so I was in good company.  I was told by Gleim that you shouldn't talk to the other candidates, but what would they know?  Gleim also said that they guarantee I would pass the exam on the first try! 

Book used in Yeager CPA course
The good part about studying this time was I switched from Gleim to Yeager.  The instructor's name was also Gary, so I knew I was in good hands.  I think he did a good job teaching the difficult, and very boring material.  The CPA exam is just so comprehensive, it blows my mind thinking about all these questions that they ask you for each section.  My next test is August 24th and I will be taking the FAR.

After I finished taking the exam I took my car to get the window regulator fixed and oil change.  I was satisfied with the work they the day wasn't a total loss.  I then ate some Subway and then slept for a few hours until I was awoken by the phone letting me know my car is ready.

I've taken the next few days off, so you can expect a few more posts before I go silent again.  Feel free to comment or ask me questions about anything.  I'll be sure to respond.


  1. Welcome back Military Millionaire!

    1. I never left, but I did need to stop writing for a while to concentrate on my studying more.


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