Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fat Cats - Gaining wealth means gaining weight?

I've noticed from the time I joined the U.S. Army.  Way back in 1999 I realized that as I started to climb the ranks or earned more income, I began to gain more weight as well.  I started off my career as an E-2 weighing 144 pounds and 69" in height.  After basic training I weighed about 150 pounds.  I got promoted in South Korea, and I was really working out hard.  I got my weight to 165 pounds.  A few years later I was promoted to E4, and topped the scales at 175.  I also grew an inch and was now 70" tall.

After I got out of the Army I stayed around 175 pounds.  I was going to school, and working part time.  My income was nearly the same as it was after leaving the military.  Then I got hired in 2008 as a civilian for the Air Force.  Every year for the last 3 years I have been promoted.  Every year I have gained 10 pounds.  I started off as a GS-7 weighing 175.  Then got promoted to a GS-9 I grew to weigh 185.  GS-11...195.  GS-12...205.

I promise I wasn't doing this on purpose, but there seems to be a direct correlation between earning more, and weighing more.  Obviously gaining weight isn't magic.  It isn't like I just pop on the pounds as soon as my paycheck increases.  It takes time.  One of my co-workers said something pretty funny (not to him, however he did end up losing a ton of weight).  They went to a bar and the bartender asked him for some ID.  His co-worker said, "You can't get that fat by age 21."

It used to be that the community would be there to help people out.  I remember that people used to criticize people who were overweight.  Those days are over.  I do remember my mom telling me a story about me when I was little.  She said I saw a really large gentleman.  Me being the type of person that can't keep his mouth shut, I said to my mom.  Look at that guy...he is really...STRONG!

The guy apparently laughed a good while as both he and my mother was expecting a different word.  Words are very interesting...choose wisely!

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