Sunday, September 2, 2012

Health update - 8

I've been trudging along trying to lose weight though diet and exercise.  I must admit that I do feel better.  I feel like I have more energy for the most part, however, I didn't lose a single pound for what seemed like 2 months.  This is very frustrating, and one of the reasons why I did not post any health updates.  I suppose since I'm not eating like horse anymore, and exercising daily the weight had to come off.  Good news is it has!

At my peak weight I must have been around 210, and now I'm down to 198.  I've been exercising everyday with the exception of Saturday.  I walk/run for 1 hour a day, and have been playing basketball on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Some records that I have met are the following.

  • I did increase my pushup count to 25 using the perfect pushup.
  • Ran my first 5k in a very long time.  Finished in about 35 minutes.
  • Ran one mile in 7:51
I managed to get into one of my suits just in time for an awards banquet at my workplace.  It is really tough not having any progress losing weight for two months.  I've tried losing weight with Atkins and it seemed the weight came off the quickest.  However, I gained the weight back within 6 months.  The treadmill that my wife wanted has been a real blessing in continuing to exercise.  I've gone as far to say that we should sell the couches and get a pair of bikes.  This way you can watch TV only if you exercise.

For those who are struggling to lose weight, the biggest thing that has helped me is being consistant.  Consistantly exercise and be aware of what you are putting in your mouth.  Putting more in during lunch means putting less in during dinner, or exercising even more.  Remember, the incline is your friend.  Good luck!

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  1. Congrats on your weight loss. Definitely not easy.


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