Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2001 Where We Were

Any time there is a major event like what happened this date 11 years ago, you seem to never forget where you were at that moment in time.  I remember when challenger blew up, I was in Elementary school watching the launch.  I certainly remember where I was when the towers were hit.

During September 11, 2001 I was in the Army eating breakfast at the time with PFC Lu Nyguen and SPC Rohan Henry.  My first words were...looks like we are going to Iraq.  Once I finished eating and went to my workplace, I proceeded to work 12 hour days for a month.  I was nervous at the time for several reasons.  One of them of course would be possible deployment.  Another was my wife was suppose to come to America on a K-1 Visa to get married with me in October.  We thought it might get delayed because of what happened.  Fortunately, I wasn't deployed and my wife made it to America and we got married shortly after she arrived.

Many people died that day, and in the days to follow.  For those who experienced this event will never forget.  I'm certain in the future questions will still be asked...why would this happen?  An answer I'll never know.  I can never fully comprehend why people kill total strangers.  I can possibly understand domestic violence...but killing strangers is utter insanity in my opinion.  Although I was in the Army...fortunately I never had to face such a bizarre situation.  Most people who had to endure war do not openly talk about these situations.  Why?  Because war is awful.  The pinnacle of what is wrong with humanity lies in war.  The Fallout simulation series says it best...war never changes.

Although this day brought much sadness, hate, and killing into the world...for me it did bring some joy.  For my first born daugther was born on following day.

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