Friday, October 12, 2012

Stop the ads, and send me the cash

Tis the season to be annoying. I cannot think of another period of time where people will pay money to run commercials just to annoy the heck out of people. Yes, I'm talking about all the political nonsense that has been going on for what seems like a year now. How much money is being spent just to elect the president of the U.S? Over 1 billion dollars! Yes, even Doctor Evil would be proud.
I mean...after all Doctor Evil wanted to take over the world for what? 1 billion dollars. How ironic!

Ok, so I was 100 billion dollars. I suppose since I lied so well I'm now qualified to run for the president of the United States. Oh wait I forgot...I cannot. We do have standards in this country. I need to be 35 years old. I'm not going to be able to run until 2016.

I think I have a solution to this problem...especially on Facebook where it seems people love to send me why one president is better than the other. With this and all the political ads, media talk, it feels like you cannot turn on any media without getting bombarded with ads. I have a solution!

We need a constitutional amendment to ban all advertisement for political ads. We can still have the debates, but without all the nonsense and spin afterwords where people tell us what we just heard. As if we cannot take the time to think about it ourselves. But seriously...if you really need to think about which candidate is a better liar then...perhaps you may need your head examined. I have read that the most popular kids in school are the best liars. Unfortunately we cannot even get the best liars since these candidates can't even keep their stories straight.

I'm someone who likes to provide solutions, and not create more problems. My solution the movie with Tom Cruise said, "Show me the money!"

I say let the candidates and even your Facebook friends just send me the money. Whichever candidate gives me the most money...well then I'll cast my vote for that candidate. I'll create a video of everything to prove that I'm actually an honest voter. I'm not like some people who don't appreciate transparency and accountability. I will cash all money from both parties, and will keep a secret to how much money each candidate has raised for my vote. Like Nixon said..."I'm not a crook". I would never lead one party to give me more money to help sway the voting in their favor. This method of electing a president is a much better solution to the problem. After all, you don't get your money back for running terrible political ads and losing the race. Why should the networks be the only ones who get wealthy every election year? Plus it will pay extra dividends to live in a state that is actually mine in Ohio. I'm sure if we operated this way we could look forward to a great political season.

For those who think this method would do away with democracy in this country...perhaps you should look at how it currently is being operated. Is there really much of a difference?

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