Monday, June 22, 2015

Big Gains in Car Safety

Two years makes a huge difference in vehicle safety.  Ever since the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) started doing the small overlap test, car companies have redesigned their car safety to make certain cars were built better.

The Honda Fit is a clear example of how just a few years it improved it's vehicle rating from 2011 through 2015.  The 2011 model did poorly in the small overlap crash test and had acceptable roof strength.  By 2015 the small overlap test is acceptable and all other categories are good.  The roof strength went from 3.29 in 2011 to over 6 times the vehicle weight.  That's impressive.

My Dodge Neon that I had in 1996 and another car in 2000 did very poorly in all the crash tests.  It received a marginal rating for the moderate overlap test compared to my 1996.  Compare this to the new Dodge Dart which receives good ratings overall much like the Honda Fit.  However, the roof rating is almost at 5 times the vehicle weight.  Granted, the Dart does weigh significantly more than the Honda Fit.

Probably the worst car on the road is the Mazda 5 for safety?  Why?  Well, because it's supposed to be a minivan like vehicle.  It's one thing to get a poor rating on the small overlap test.  Many vans did poorly on that test.  However, to get a marginal rating on side impact is unacceptable.  Even though many vans do poorly on the small overlap test, this doesn't mean that the rear occupants aren't safe.  To me, those are the most important people in the vehicle.

Two other cars that did poorly on crash testing by the IIHS are the Kia Rio and Chevy Aveo.  Like I said above, many improvements occurred through 2012 through 2015.  Forunately, Chevy stopped producing the Aveo.  Just look at the safety ratings and then think about your old Cavalier.  People don't truly know what a death trap is these days.  I get comments about my Smart ForTwo being a death trap.  Folks who drive trucks probably think their vehicles are safe, such as a Dodge Dakota.  However, check out the safety ratings.  They are poor.  It will be a great day in automotive history when the number of deaths becomes close to 0.  Of course, we will all be driving electric cars and finally have clean air which for some reason people aren't very excited about.  Perhaps because they can't understand what it would be like to have truly clean air. 

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